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Proven Benefit Fundraising Auction Software

ProvenBenefit© is software for fundraising
events and auctions
built on the SOLD II® Platform.

Proven Software, Inc., the makers of the popular SOLDII© professional auction software, is proud to announce the release of ProvenBenefit©. ProvenBenefit© is software for benefit and fund raising auctions. It is available as an internet service as well as licensed software loaded to the user's computer. Details can be obtained at www.ProvenBenefit.org.

ProvenBenefit© can assist the benefit auctioneer to change one-shot auctions into yearly repeat revenue sources. Anyone who has done a fund raiser knows the stress and burnout of volunteers and staff that can occur.. Even after a very successful event, these clients are unlikely to repeat the effort anytime soon. ProvenBenefit© is designed to relieve that stress offering routine and systematic solutions to the entire process. Auction firms whose clients use ProvenBenefit© are much more likely to be repeat clients adding to the auctioneer's revenue stream each year.

The underlying auction engine for ProvenBenefit© is the same as for SOLDII©. As noted by Mark Matt, marketing manager of Proven Software, Inc.: “Professional auctioneers and consultants have been looking for a fund raising auction product that they can have the same faith in as they have in SOLDII©. They want to arrive at their client's auction knowing there won't be unnecessary problems or slow downs. ProvenBenefit© provides the SOLDII© level of reliability and capability that auctioneers worldwide have come to expect and rely on.”

Specialty fund-raising capabilities (i.e.: committee organization, item and sponsor solicitation, event registration and payment, silent auction tables and sheets, banquet seating assignments, Express-Checkout, and more) have been added to the familiar SOLD II auction programs. ProvenBenefit© walks the client through every step: from the planning stage to the after-auction event follow ups. Carl Borning, president of Proven Software commented: “To design ProvenBenefit© , we did exhaustive interviews of auction fund-raising professionals (auctioneers and consultants who specialize in fund-raising) as well as fund raising executives. Our staff also has had significant experience doing these auctions, literally hundreds such auctions overall. This background made it easy to interpret and supplement the input of the experts. The result is a simple to use package that also fits the comprehensive needs of the most demanding fund-raising organization. ”

ProvenBenefit.net, the software as a service via the internet, is especially useful to volunteers. It enables all users authorized by the organization to enter or research data from their homes or office without disrupting staff. This model creates a more coordinated process for all phases leading to the event. It can spread out the work load and minimize the pressures on staff and key volunteers while at the same time maintaining completely current information. Consulting auctioneers may also access the same data.

When is the right time for the fund raiser to begin using ProvenBenefit© ? Mark Matt answered:

The ideal timing is 9 months to a year prior of the auction, but any point in the process, one year, one month, or even one week, will help the success of the event. More importantly, using the programs now will spill over to the next event giving the fund raising organization the continuity it needs the 'next time around' Because they have a blueprint for their fund raising auction, important data from prior events, and simple tools for each step, ProvenBenefit© clients are more likely to include auctions as a line item in their yearly budgets.”

If you would like to partner with ProvenBenefit© to enhance the auction revenue of your benefit auction clients, call Proven Software at 800-487-6532 or email info@provenbenefit.org.

Mark Matt
Director of Sales
Proven Software, Inc.

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