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(August 21, 2007) – Proven Software, Inc. a leading provider of SOLD II® auction software for companies of all sizes, today announced its latest innovation, “Plug 'n Go SOLD II.” This innovation includes the SOLD II® auction programs and the linux operating system on a usb flash drive or hard drive. On most newer computers, the user can boot directly to the usb drive and never have to load any software to their computer. No installation of the linux operating system or of the SOLD II® applications is necessary.

Most of our clients prefer the data integrity and security of Linux, but the installation has always been rather daunting task for them,” commented Mark Matt of Proven Software. “Plug 'n Go SOLD II® eliminates all of that fuss. Whether it's a first time load or a needed update, plug in the usb drive and you're up and running. It really is that simple.”

Plug 'n Go SOLD II® also gives the user unmatched flexibility, portability, and security. The programs and data stay all together on the usb drive. If you want to use a different computer or have bought a new one, plug the usb drive into the new computer, and you are up and running.

Loyal Windows users should consider this option,” stated Carl Borning of Proven Software. “There are several inherent advantages to the linux based programs, even as compared to our own SOLD II® in Windows due to some limitations of the Windows platform. If you worry about operating system infections such as viruses, Plug 'n Go SOLD II® is an ideal solution. “Plug 'n Go” runs independently of and isolated from whatever is loaded on the computer. Even if your computer is badly infected, it won't effect the operation of SOLD II.”

There is another type of security having to do with others' access to your valuable customer and auction data. When you run “Plug 'n Go SOLD II®” you leave no footprint or trace of your data on the computer itself. As an extreme example, if you ran your auctions on your competitor's computer, no trace of your data would be left on their computer.

SOLD II® also be offers a “Plug 'n Go” version on a Memory stick for users preferring the Windows program. This product is designed to auto run SOLD II® when the usb drive is plugged in. As with the linux based product, the programs and data can be transported from computer to computer by simply moving the memory stick from computer to computer.

About Proven Software, Inc.:

Proven Software, Inc. is a leader in providing software solutions for auction companies of all sizes. The company was formed in 1982 and has a growing list of clients in the United States, Canada, and abroad. In addition to auction software, the company also provides its own accounting and point of sale products. Its core product, SOLD II® auction software, has been a multi user program from the beginning and has led the auction industry with many innovations. SOLD II® is available in for both msWindows and linux operating system platforms. It is also available as a secured service via the internet (SOLDII.net). The company also recently release ProvenBenefit®, software for fund raising events and auctions. Built on the SOLD II® engine for the auction platform, ProvenBenefit includes all the functions needed to plan execute a successful fund raising event.

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