“The Software used by Auction Professionals”
Auction Inventory Management & Control

Plan your auctions and have item Control prior to and after your auctions

What is Inventory?

The computer and auction industries have confused the definition of inventory. For example, many other systems claim to have "inventory" but what they only auction cataloging, not inventory.

SOLD II Inventory Characteristics:

Integrated to auctions and auction catalogs but also independent.

Perpetual: SOLD II® Inventory accounts for items beyond the "life" of a single auction, across many auctions.

A Planning Tool to determine when enough is on-hand to create the right mix for an auction; to create a specialty auction.

Organizing/Auction Preparation: SOLD II® Inventory quickly helps you organize a sale and a catalog

Control Accountability: SOLD II® Inventory gives you the control you need and your consignors confidence in your detailed tracking of all their items

An Evaluation/Appraisal Tool: Values can be easily assigned to inventoried items to give you evaluation reporting capability; no need to re-enter the items later if sold at an auction.

Write Up Work: If you do extensive descriptive write up work on your higher ticket items, SOLD II® Inventory allows you to begin the write up process immediately, long before you assign catalog #'s.

Flow to Desktop Publishing:

Produce a fancy catalog?
All SOLD II® catalogs are easily transferred to desktop publishing for final layout, font selection,etc. No need to retype all of those descriptions.

Produce an Internet catalog? Do it directly from SOLD II; eliminate extra steps and typing.

    Inventory eliminates redundant clerical work


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