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Auction Driver License Registration

FAST SOLD II® Drivers' License Registration included with SOLD II Professional GOLD Edition*
In most States or Provinces which have 2D Barcodes or Magnetic stripes on their driver licenses, it takes less than 5 seconds to scan/swipe their license and verify a customer key, you can:

  • register a new bidder to an auction and add their name & address to your mailing list;

  • There's no need to type in a first time bidder's name & address since it's on the license.

  • AND the next time the bidder comes to your auction, registration will be even faster. Scan or swipe their license, and they're registered. That's it! Simple and incredibly fast.

In States and Provinces which only have 1D Bar-codes, names and addresses aren't encoded to your license, so the first time you scan a new bidder's license, you will also need to to type in their name and address information, just as you do now. After the first time registration of a new bidder, however, registration will be equally quick in ID barcode jurisdictions. .

Hardware: Drivers' License Registration requires a 2D scanner or magstripe reader depending upon the State or Province.

See the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Listing of Technologies by State or Province.
Click on the US License or Canadian License Tab to find the technology used in your location.

Please call for pricing of scanners & readers.

Although SOLD II license scanning for registration has been used successfully in many States & Provinces, Proven Software, Inc. has no responsibility for the actual current or future implementation of licenses for electronic scanning in any State or Province, or that State/Province's adherence to AAMVA standards, or the electronic contents of such licenses. To verify the precise status of your State or Province's and the specifics of its implementation, please contact your State or Provincial Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

Please note that we can only support scanners and readers provided by us. Scanners from other sources may not work.

* Prior to GOLD Edition (v.8.0) sold as separate module not included with Professional Level.

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