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Auction Data Import & Export

Need to import prospective customers.
Want to import seller items to your catalogs?
Want to export auction data to your sellers?

If you have a need to import data to SOLD II:
Import a mailing list from other software, or
Import items from a client inventory data, etc.

If you have a need to export data from SOLD II:
Lots to a spreadsheet of other software for your printer/publisher
Mailing lists to your printer or upload the US Postal Service for bulk mailings;
Export Sales results to a consignor / seller for their spreadsheets, etc.

SOLD II® Import and Export Modules make these tasks easy.”


  • IN SOLD II versions for Windows or Xwindows (linux), you may define the field structure of your import or export files.
    (in the curses linux versions, we provide predetermined structures you can adapt to most any spreadsheet or database)

Universal Interface:
SOLD II uses industry standard csv files (comma delimited ascii text files);
Because it complies with these standards, imports and exports are not dependent upon a specific spreadsheet or database format.

Custom Service Needs?
Sometimes our clients are confronted by technically complex imports or exports of data that go beyond any “off the shelf” application. We can help.
Contact us to discuss the specifics of your needs.

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