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SOLD II® GOLD Edition Offerings Follow:

SOLD II® BASICS is a set of economical programs that many would consider “full-featured” or “robust” software.
BASICS is an excellent starting point for many auctioneers and often all that many small to medium sized firms will ever need.

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2 user License: only $899
1 user License: only $599

SOLD II® BASICS Plus” bridges the capabilities of “SOLD II BASICS” and “SOLD II PROFESSIONAL.” It allows you to choose the addition to BASICS that best fits your needs.
For example, you might choose to add Professional's Drivers' License Swipe Registration capability or Professional's Consignment Management functions.

2 user License: only $1,299
1 user License: only $ 999

PROFESSIONAL: SOLD II® Professional includes the advanced features needed by larger auction companies including complex seller settlement commission and fee arrangements.

Examine the many detailed features at the link which follows:

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2 user License: only $1,699

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Rentals will actually cost you more! A lot more!

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SOLD II Payment Programs
Designed to make it easy to get the level of software that you need, consider a 3 month of 6 month payment plan.

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