“The Software used by Auction Professionals”

Features of SOLD II® Professional GOLD Edition
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Fast, flexible, and easy-to-use.

Sell both cataloged and non-cataloged items.

Easy one-step corrections, simply resell the item

On-line clerking can be done by any user

Any user including the cashier can make corrections, not just the clerk

Wired or wireless connections

Clerking Log for your Protection and at your option:
Sale information printed after each entry and automatically saved to hard drive.

Two styles of clerking programs (scrolling & fixed) - - use either or both; you choose

Sales by unit price for Quantities > 1

Quantity lot splits (passouts)
automatically creates new lots from mother lot- track any unsold items from mother lot

Exclusive SOLD WITH function combining up to 10 lots into one

Two Highest entered Pre-Auction Absentee Bids on Clerk's Screen

Setup option to notify Clerk of any Bidder exceeding credit limit immediately upon bid entry.

Setup option to notify Clerk of any lot clerked to an unregistered Bidder number


Supports both permanent and non-permanent bidding numbers.

Update mailing list/ customer file instantly and automatically upon registration

Instant registration of previous bidders from your customer list

Option to register any customer in mailing list by phone #

Exclusive SOLD II file-walk to quickly locate and verify any customer for registration (no other customer search mechanism is as quick)

Registering bidders is not required. Buyers and sellers can be referenced by buyer/seller number only if you prefer.

Upon registration, automatically updates customer (mailing list) with last attended date

Registration can be done by any user

Credit ALERT: if someone's been a problem, you can be alerted as soon as they register

A/R Balance can be displayed: collect it as soon as they register

Collect & Enter Deposits

Enter credit limit or letter of credit amount.

(requires scanners appropriate to your State's format)

CASHIERING & Bidder Invoicing

Interactive cash-out can be done in just a few seconds

Pre-payout invoices are available at any time.

Invoice messages can be customized with each auction.

Invoices & Receipts include Sales taxes (state or provincial), GST (Canadian), or VAT

Invoices & Receipts include Buyers' Premiums

Payments easily voided or modified with full audit control.

Program records method of payment for each and every payment

Payments can be split (part cash, part check, part credit card).

All payments are time stamped and can be quickly researched for any bidder

Multiple invoices & receipts can be issued to the same buyer during a single auction.

Previously paid for items can be included or excluded from new invoices or receipts, your choice.

Item taxability is easily edited by cashier (should it have been clerked or cataloged incorrectly)

EASY CORRECTIONS: Item incorrectly clerked is easily resold or voided by cashier (with full audit trail - important security)

Invoices can be printed by any user

User may direct Invoices/ Receipts to any available printer

Invoices & Receipts may be re-printed

Batch printing of all unpaid invoices can be printed at any time

Reports of all payment details

Credit ALERT: Won't accept a check from this customer? Your cashier will no longer be in doubt.

A/R Balance: if you've entered it to this customer, automatically added to Bidder's Invoice.

Additional Buyer Premium % added to Bidders marked in registration;
often used for internet bidders.

Registration Deposits calculated into Amount Due

Additional Buyer Premium % may be calculated on credit card portion of payment.

SLIDING SCALE Buyer Premiums


Easy setup: a Flat Percentage commission applied to all consignors in a given auction.

Complete Settlement Report detailing all items sold and commission applied.

Settlements can be printed by any user

Print settlement checks; No need to use AP software.

Many commission structures available: per item or per auction, Simple or Sliding scale, Percentage and fixed amount commissions

Multiple deals (consignment types) for any given consignor

Any mix of commissions fees etc. for consignments within the same auction.

Separation of Owned and Consigned items

Pro-ration of An Expense Among Consignors

Accumulates Your Consignor's Sales & Income Statistics

Includes proper VAT / GST Reimbursement (Canadians) to specified consignors

Liens, Advances, and Receivables may be entered to consignment
and automatically deducted from disbursement to consignor.

Report of Lienholder payouts by consignment.


A Catalog is NOT required, may clerk an auction on the fly

Supports lettered items (for example 10A, 10B, etc.).

Catalogs can be entered at any time by any user with no possiblity of duplicating lot#'s

Appropriate tax-ability and reserve price can be set for each item.

Add pictures to your catalogs

Import catalogs into SOLD II from a Spreadsheet (template included)

8 Catalog formats built-in including 2 column and Saddle-Stitch

Or easily export your catalog into Wordprocessing for your own custom look

Several Auctioneer Worksheets available.

Report Unsold items, realized price reports, and many other reports.

Create HTML Catalogs (ready for publication to your WebPage) including pictures

Publish Your Auction Schedule & Catalogs to the internet using SOLD II Easy Publish.

Item descriptions of up to 240 characters (8 30 character lines)

Extra Long descriptions for item writeups, up to 1,200 characters


Vehicles & Automobiles (often also used for equipment)



Real Estate

Combining Items from Inventory into one lot (requires perpetual inventory system)


Selections for Targetted Mailings, Email, and even for faxes

Print labels

Create mailmerge files for US Postal Service Mailings or for your own printer's mailings

Powerful selection program that combines many variables
and avoids duplication of the same record

For Economy, mail only to non-email and non-fax bidders

For Economy, limit your mailing by State, Province, and Postal Code Range

Send only to bidders who have registered since a date you enter and/or with purchases above an amount you enter

Selections based on types of auctions bidder has attended (registered to).

Selections based on actual purchases by user defined Products Groups

Selections based on user defined Interests

Selection Of Bidders at prior auctions: In addition to the global options above, user may select all bidders in from 1 to 20 prior auctions without duplicates.


Enter “Left” or “Advance” absentee bids

May enter multiple advance bids for a given bidder in one screen; handy for telephone call ins.

Fully integrated to SOLD II WEB:
Absentee bids entered to your auction in SOLD II – WEB easily downloaded and merged into SOLD II on your computer

Report of highest two absentee bids for the auctioneer

Special Screen for Auctioneer to query bids without disruptig the clerk

Display of highest two bids on clerking screen


Answer Client Inquiries quickly and effortlessly

  • Locate a Sale to a specific customer or bidder within the date range you enter
    or list out all past sales to a customer.

  • Locate a Sale for a specific consignor or seller within the date range you enter
    or list out all past sales for a consignor.

Item Appraisal / Quickly Find Comparable Items

  • Locate the sales of all items in a specific product group you have assigned; show all items or only those within a specific date range

  • Search for items with a specific description; enter the keywords and let the programs find what you've sold previously by that description.


Close your completed auctions without fear

Archive up to 10 Auctions at a time in one easy step.

Within your Archived auctions run any SOLD II® program including Cashiering, Clerking, and all reports


(an important feature ignored by most of our competitors)

Comprehensive on-line help included with all systems

Custom Setups: customize how important programs such as Clerking, Cashiering, Registration, and cataloging work to best meet your needs.

File Walks: this is an exclusive feature of SOLD II for the quickest and most accurate location of a customer, item, or any file record available anywhere. The quickest and easiest way to find the right records; far quicker than a pull-down or other options you have seen.


There are over 100 Auction and Management Reports available in SOLD II,'

In addition to reports important to everyone such as our cash reconciliations and vendor settlements, we have many others that may just meet a special need for your auctions. including:


Double entry” system for balanced records

General Ledger Report of Your Auctions: all you need to make the debits & credits to your Financial Ledger.

Many features listed were not included in SOLD II Professional prior to the GOLD Edition (v.8.0)
Click here to see GOLD additions not included previously

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