“The Software used by Auction Professionals”
SOLD II Automobile Auction Software

SOLD II®Auto is full-featured automobile auction software.

SOLD II®Auto fits the needs of:

  • Dealer Auctions

  • Public Retail Auctions

  • Or Both

Just a few of its many features:

  • PRINT Bills of SALE for each vehicle and a full statement for each buyer.
    Print separate Odometer statements if desired or integrate the odometer statement to your bill of sale

  • Consignment / Seller Intake Agreements when the vehicle is logged into the sale

  • Handling and other user defined fees assigned by vehicle

  • Home Tax where required (sales tax in public sales)

  • Carry over unsold vehicles from auction to auction effortlessly

  • Conditional Sales

  • Specialized Automobile Auction Reports and Sales History.

  • Sliding Scale Handling Fees

  • Separate or combined checks to sellers

  • and much, much more.

USE SOLD®II Auto to only sell vehicles

USE SOLD II® and SOLD II®Auto together
to sell both vehicles and other items

SOLD II is the only auction software that has full capabilities for both.
SOLD II is seamlessly integrated for common check out and reconciliation of all all items at your auctions.”

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