“The Software used by Auction Professionals”
Auction Contact Management Software

SOLD II's Contact Management system will help your auction business to target its auction promotions for cost effictive returns. Our contact system will also greatly reduce the labor involved to maintain an excellent prospect list as compared to other options.

ALL SOLD II Systems Include the ability to:

  • create merge files for E-mail distributions

  • create mail-merge files for mailings thru the US Postal Services web site

  • create labels and merge files for 3rd party or self mailings

  • reports for telemarketing and other customer/prospect follow ups.

  • create merge files for broadcast faxes

COST EFFECTIVE PRIORITIES: our contact hierarchy, uses the most cost-effective and fastest method first, i.e: e-mail first, faxes second, and regular mail last.

EFFICIENT DATA UTILILIZATION: the data for most selections available in SOLD II are simply the result of running auctions on the system. When setup and used properly, there is very little extra clerical effort to obtain powerful results.

Our exclusive Selection Screen enables selection of prospective buyers and sellers by multiple criteria making is simple for the end user and eliminating duplicates, so common in most mailing and contact management systems.

You can select by:

  • 6 different auction types attended (registration categories)

  • state and zip code ranges

  • cutoffs by last date bidder attended a sale

  • last date bidder purchased

  • total dollars bidder has purchased

The multiple selection process is extremely powerful.
For example, you can create a selection of bidders who are in your 5 surrounding zip codes, have attended an "antique sale", made purchases of over $500, and bought from me within the last 3 months. The functionality will help you to target in on those people you most want to attend your sales.

SOLD II PROFESSIONAL also includes the following powerful selections:

  • Customer interests: the ability to create and select by up to 224 user defined interests (what they tell you they want)

  • Actual Customer Purchases by user defined Product Groups (what they actually buy)


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