“The Software used by Auction Professionals”
Internet Auction Catalog Publishing

Publish your upcoming auctions on the web the easy way with SOLD II© Easy-Publish.

Easy-Publish is a one-step operation directly from SOLD II©

  • Publish listing of all upcoming auctions;

  • Publish auction catalogs

  • Eliminate separate steps to export files and upload to a server.

  • Eliminate redundant work of typing in catalogs on a separate spreadsheet or database.

Web promotion of your auctions is easy using SOLD II© Easy Publish. Run Easy-Publish from the SOLD II© menus and the programs will do the rest. The result will be a complete listing of all of your upcoming auctions in an attractive professional format. In the same easy way, publish a catalog for any upcoming auctions as soon as you have entered the lots you want to publish. You can add or update your catalogs as frequently as you wish. It's so easy you will want to promote auctions on your web site immediately upon scheduling.

Maintain a current, up to date, professional image using SOLD II© Easy-Publish. Nothing will turn web visitors away from your company and your auctions more than stale and obsolete information. Yet auction firms often lack the time to practice good and timely updates to their site. SOLD II©'s Easy-Publish solves that problem by eliminating extra time and effort that's usually involved SOLD II© Easy-Publish is used to promote your business, not your competitors or someone else's web portal


SOLD II© Easy-Publish is FREE to SOLD II© clients.
We've built it into SOLD II
© release; v. 7.0.

How does SOLD II© Easy-Publish work?

Run the SOLD II© Easy-Publish program and your future auctions will be uploaded and published on a SOLD II internet server although to your visitors, these auctions will appear to be a part of your own web pages. SOLD II© Easy-Publish is included for no extra charge with SOLD II version 7.0. Publication of your auction list and catalogs is a FREE service to SOLD II clients.

What does my auction company have to do for this to work?

We will provide you with a link to your auctions on our server which you install to your web page one time only. (This can literally be a cut & paste operation taking you or your webmaster only a few seconds.) Thereafter, visitors to your site will link to your auctions on our server so all of your visitors can view your auctions.

As soon as you have setup an auction in SOLD II, you can run Easy-Publish to update your listing of upcoming auctions. You are not required to create a catalog to list your auction; the list is meant to promote all of your auctions. When you have a catalog ready, however, use Easy-Publish to publish it. It is so quick and easy, you may want to publish interim catalogs, adding items as you have time and as new items come in.

Pictures too! With SOLD II you avoid all of the time and effort needed to rename your jpg's as required by most other systems. If a picture is entered to your SOLD II© lot, it will also be published with that lot when you run Easy-Publish.

What will my auction pages look like?

The header of your auction listings and catalogs will have only your company information. Of CRITICAL importance and unlike other auction listings, no search options will appear on your pages that lead your visitor to your competitor's auctions. Your auction pages will only show your auctions promoting only your auctions, your web site, and your business..

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