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Auction Software Introduction

Dear Friend and Auction Manager:

Welcome to our web site. As you may know, SOLD II® has been working with the auction community for over 25 years. That continuous development has brought about the comprehensive and up to date auction system available anywhere. All along, SOLD II® has been an innovator, applying the latest cost-effective technology to auctions.

You may be thinking, OK, that's great, but how does this development help me? You benefit from an auction system that most likely already covers the special needs of your auctions. Even with all of this built-in depth and capability, SOLD II® allows you to “customize” your setups to make it really easy to use for your unique operation. But don't take my word for it. Read some of the typical comments from our users.

We have completed over 1000 auctions with their program without a hitch. The Sold II support program has always been there if we need help, night, day or weekends. I don’t think our firm would still be conducting consignment auctions if it weren’t for the great flexibility that the Linux Based Sold II Program offers. We have a great working relationship with the Sold II Team….Thanks“ R.H. --Virginia (USA)

Thinking of adding internet bidding to round out your service to your buyers and sellers? There are several options for doing internet bidding, but only SOLD II pulls it altogether with solutions that integrate the traditional auction clerking and cashiering with internet bidding. This is a true SOLD II innovation at the highest level of programming capability.

The renowned SOLD II® auction solution, is available in two forms, the traditional licensed programs loaded to your computer and SOLDII.net, SOLDII programs as a service via the internet. Either can be used in conjunction with our internet bidding service.

Click here or to learn more about soldii.net.for anywhere anytime access to your auction programs. If you would like to compare these choices for you auctions, please call me at 800-487-6532 or click here to send me an inquiry.

Would you like to know more about SOLDII? There is no quicker way to learn about SOLD II than by playing our demonstration videos. I suggest you start with the 2 minute overview. Delve deeper by learning details about specific programs such as clerking, cashiering, auction registration, or our contact management system. This link will give you several demonstration options.

Thank you for reviewing our web page and your interest in SOLD II. I sincerely hope the videos and other information on this site will answer your questions.

Of course it's nearly impossible to cover everything you may need to know, so call us with questions or to help you figure out the best course for your unique business.

please take advantage of our 25 years of experience with auctions and auction businesses. We pride ourselves as a valuable resource for our clients and we can be to your business as well.

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 800-487-6532 or click here to send us an inquiry.

My kindest regards,

Mark Matt

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