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Proven Software has been writing business applications for over 25 years. These applications have been multi-user and most of them could truthfully be described as mission-critical , and are used in real-time must-work situations.

We know the auction business, we've been involved with it for 25 years. We also have notable experience and education in Business management . We have considerable computer systems experience including writing cgi's for the Internet. We can help your auction business, whether it's to do something "cutting edge" with the Internet, improving your customer service, or streamlining your information flow


The design team at Proven Software, Inc. includes an MBA in Finance and Marketing and and a Master's degree in managerial accounting and economics as well as top-notch programmers degreed in computer science. The Proven Software design team has collective business experience of over 90 years including businesses as diverse as banking, leasing, distribution, real estate, and service business. The members of the team have also been involved Board Members of many community based non-profit organizations. This diverse and practical experience is applied to all Proven Software products and services. Proven Software currently has over 1,000 such mission critical installations in the US and Canada using Proven's software products.

All Proven Software applications are in compiled C, for the greatest capability, speed, and flexibility.

Since 1995, Proven Software offers business applications for msWindows and Linux. For multi-user applications, linux is our operating system of choice. We have been providing solutions on linux since 1995.


SOLD II was introduced as the first multi-user Auction Management System in 1982. Since that date, SOLD II has the led the industry in computer innovation for the Auction Industry: From its early begginings SOLD II has been a comprehensive management solution providing the very best and fastest Auction Clerking functions and detailed reconciliation and reporting capabilities.

SOLD II has always emphasized auction marketing and integration of these functions to the data collected by running auctions. Our current CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has grown out of our earlier Contact management and direct mailing systems. A historical hallmark of SOLD II's software is enabling thousands of Auctioneers to provide better customer service

Some of SOLD II's other innovations include:

  • First truly multi-user and scalable Auction System

  • First Catalog / Perpetual Inventory Integration

  • First wireless Clerking System (on line clerking from mobile auction blocks)

  • First and Only fully functional Automobile Auction System which also handles other property in the same Auction.

  • First Preferred Bidder MagStripe Automated Registration

  • First Automated Registration from Drivers' Licenses

  • Comprehensive Internet Auction Marketing function integrated to the Auction Management Software

  • First Auction Software to offer BOTH a Character-based user interface (to maximize high-speed data-entry) and Graphical Interface (window type, for ease of initial use) User Interface.

SOLDII.net: the first Auction Software as a Service via the internet (2006)


  • SOLD II AUTO: for dealer and/or retail auctions

  • ProvenBenefit: for fundraising auctions and events, live and silent auctions.

  • SOLDII.net: auction software as a service via the internet.

  • SOLD II – Web: for internet bidding at a real or simulated live auction.


In addition to SOLD II Auction Software, Proven Software has developed Accounting and Management Software including:

  • Proven CHOICE Accounting:
    a comprehensive financial accounting system

  • BestAcct: Accounting software for Non-profit organizations needing Funds Accounting

  • Proven Time: Professional Timebilling Software for Attorneys and other Professionals

  • eCHOICE: shopping cart software for the internet

  • CHOICE Point of Sale/Inventory: for small to medium retail/ wholesale businesses.

In addition to our software products, SOLD II offers high quality system support, remote system management, as well as custom design and programming services. Put the Proven Software / SOLD II team to work for your auction business.

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