“The Complete Solution for Internet Auctions”

SOLD II® -Web is a state of the art solution for internet auctions.
Internet Auction Bidding supplements your traditional auction business. Internet bidding is an important service much in demand from your top clients and bidders.

Unlike other platforms, SOLD II recognizes the value of the internet as a supplement to your existing auction business. We provide you with the tools to leverage those advantages with a sure path to growth using the internet. SOLD II® -Web emphasizes the advantages a professional auctioneer has in competing with other web auctons, providing an event driven format auctioneers are expert in.

Unique Front and Back Integration:

From initial scheduling and cataloging through to clerking, cashiering, and reconciliation, our internet auctions are easily integrated with SOLD II® auction software. You won't find this anywhere else. This exclusive feature will save you time and money while at the same time giving your firm an efficient professional image.

You don't have to be a SOLD II auction software client to run your internet auctions with us, but it's very nice for you if you are!

SOLD II clients also receive preferred pricing.

Promote Your Brand Not Someone Else's Web Portal:
SOLD II® -Web auctions are accessed from your own web pages. Your effort to promote your auctions to existing and prospective bidders will be rewarded with growth of your own auction business. Unlike other platforms, you won't inadvertently end up sharing your hard earned clients with other auctioneers.

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