“The Complete Solution for Internet Auctions”

Promote Your Brand Not Someone Else's Web Portal:
SOLD II® -Web auctions are accessed from your own web pages. Your effort to promote your auctions to existing and prospective bidders will be rewarded with growth of your own auction business. Unlike other platforms, you won't inadvertently end up sharing your hard earned clients with other auctioneers.

Setting up SOLD II - Web is a simple one step process without the hassle and expense of loading complex auction software to your own server. You really do get the best of both worlds, the look of running on your own server without the difficulty, expense, or maintenance.

More importantly, your bidders will not end up on pages with lists of competing auctioneers and their auctioneers.

Growth of the Internet aspect of your auctions will begin with your current client and bidder base. That's true even if most of your current bidders are local. You worked hard to gain these clients. Don't share them with your competition.

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