“The Complete Solution for Internet Auctions”

Pricing Philosophy:

SOLD II® -Web does NOT charge a % on your internet sales.

Most auctioneers find that their best internet buyers were their clients to begin with; these are usually good clients who simply can't be present at the auction. We believe that you alone can drive business to your own auctions, and you shouldn't have to pay a % for the privilege.

With SOLD II® -Web. You can charge higher buyer's premium for the internet bidding service OR not. You should and can decide based on which will give your firm the greatest revenue. Since we don't charge a %, you won't be forced to add on a %, but can if you want.

OUR Minimum FEES ARE also LOW!

Our fees are usually less than the MINIMUM per auction fees of our competition,
….......... and we don't add on a percentage, but they do.

We offer some extremely attractive rates, especially to our SOLD II clients. Our fees are often a fraction of their minimums even before you add their % commissiona on any sales. You pay us a lower minimum fee and, we do not add a %. You will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per auction using SOLD II®–Web.

Nobody does it better:

  • Better prices!

  • Unsurpassed web-bidding interface!

  • The VERY BEST AUCTION Software

  • Exclusive integration (front-end to back-end)to saving you time and money.

This is a combination that can't be matched. Please call for our latest pricing and special offers.

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